Primary Electrical Improvements

About this Project

The Step 4 project provides the addition of new 12kV Substations and completes the installation of a 12kV out power system loop including the addition of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system controls.  The scope of work includes:  Installing 12kV switchgear at University Substation; Constructing a new 12 kV South Substation on the outer campus utility loop; Installing a new 12kV feeder from University Substation to South Substation; Providing a new 12 kV feeder and duct bank system between South Substation and East Substation; Replacing East Substation and Central Plant CP1 and CP2 switchgear protective devices; Replacing cogeneration MV-01 switchgear relay protective devices; Providing an entirely new 12kV SCADA system; Installation of SCADA system hardware, programming and communications at each substation; Interconnecting substation SCADA systems with redundant communication systems; Replacing existing Rule 21 protection system relays and PLC interface.

step 4 project for electrical improvements on campus

Project Details

Project Manager: Jeet Singhal
Design & Construction Team
Gen. Contractor: Helix Electric
Architect: Mithun
Struct. Eng.: DCI Engineers
Civil Eng.: KHR Associates
Mech./Plumbing Eng.: Hartford Engineering
Electrical Eng.: Michael Wall Engineering
Landscape Architect: Mithun
Electrical: Helix Electric
Waterproofing: Angelus Waterproofing
Steel Fabrication: Advanced Welding
Masonry: Masonry Concepts
Earthwork: HMS